Monday, October 5, 2009


Hello family and friends! This is joe speaking finally!!!

We have survived our first weekend in Maui. Saturday it was raining at the farm so we decided to get a ride into the groovy town of paia. This place is soooo cool. We think we want to live hear! In Paia we stopped at Mana Foods and met up with cheezle (the other Chelsea) and headed to the beach.

In Paia we decided to meet up with some of the other wwoofers who were on the otherside of the island in Kihei. We had our first hitchhiking experience, was pretty fun. We spent the rest of the afternoon drinking beers on the beautiful beach on the southern side which isn't rainy. This is no joke. When we got home it was still raining, and continued to rain until about noon the next day. This was no ordinary rain, but a monsoon. Or as chelsea would it was raining frickin cats and dogs!

At the bitch with Cheezle

Me with our beers! Maui Brewing Company (they come in cans just like Surly!)

Beach at Kihei, not raining at all

Sunday we woke up and it was STILL raining, flooding everywhere. The exciting part was that the once trickling little waterfall became a roaring beast over night. We wanted to get away from all of the damn rain so we decided to go to little beach for the day. Before we left though, we went to check out some of the other waterfall beasts on hana highway.

Little beach on Sundays is crazy! People usually start getting there at noon and there are drum circles, fire dancers, people walking around selling outdoor herb, hippies, an naked people everywhere. I forgot to mention it was a nude beach. We spent the afternoon in the sun having a great time watching all of the weirdos in the beach!

This is the waterfall after the monsoon!

Raging waterfalls due to all the rain, 6.5"!

One of the many one-lane bridges on the hana highway

This is big beach, on the way to little beach

Walking down the path to little beach

This is where the hippies hang out!

A lady with a leopard cowgirl hat walks around the beach selling this magical cookies out of a lunchbox.

The drum circle goes on all day long

Crazy sunset

More sunset

little fire creeper. The best firedance show we have ever seen!

These are our new favorites! Strawberry guavas

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  1. Joe and Chels!!!

    Everything looks so awesome! Monsoons and huge creepers and crazy fruits that look like red little baby hedgehogs! I'm happy that you guys got there safe, love reading your blog. It's rainy here too... but cold and gray and ocean-less. Bitches. Love you!