Monday, July 26, 2010

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Hello Hello Hello! Sorry it has taken us so long to post a blog. Maybe you have the idea in your head that Oregon is a boring place, or that we are having a lousy time out in the NorthWest. Well, this blog will prove you all wrong! ha ha.. We got just as much wacky exciting adventurous waterfall-filled bloggin action now more than ever!!!! Hawaii has got nothing on this!

Okay, where to start? The Farm? This is where we spend the majority of our time. It has been a treat working at our new farm out near eugene. The setting is spectacular, the people are great, and the vegetables are the best we have ever had. We take home soooo much food, and then some more, and if we feel we have room for more we take it and eat it. How can anyone resist pints of blueberries and strawberries for free? Our typical day usually involves harvesting and then processing vegetables for the csa shares (500+ members!) or one of the many farmers markets that we sell at. The farm seems enormous, there is so much food everywhere! We will try to take some pictures soon. It is hard to though because we cant really carry a camera in our pocket throughout the day or it would surely get destroyed. and then we would have no pictures

Summer in Eugene is great. You never need to check the weather because it is the same every day. Sunny, blue sky and in the eighties. It has not rained in about a month in a half, but still everything is so green.

I have taken up a new hobby, home-brewing! It is only fitting, since I think Oregon is the only place in the world to have more micro-brew pubs than churches. The eucharist is much more appealing though, beer and french fries (remember freedom fries?). Brew master Leroy has been showing me the ropes, and I have already brewed two batches with him.
Here is a brewing 101 lesson straight from the brew master: Remember, if you are ever feeling stressed out on brew day, Have another homebrew!

Here is the last beer we made together. The Surly Furious clone boiling in the brew kettle!

This is the first tasting of our Two Hearted Ale! Delicious

Leroy has got the credentials to prove his brew master status.

A few weekends ago Chels and I went out on a hike to Kentucky Falls. It was so green and gorgeous there. Here are some pictures from our hike.

The first waterfall at Kentucky Falls

Chelsea creeper creeping on the waterfall

The first waterfall at Kentucky Falls!

This is basically where we live...

Peas out at veneta. The cousins sure know how to garden. Their veggies look awesome!

The Oregon Country Fair was in July, we had a lot of fun attending. So much music and food everywhere!

My favorite band, The Crow Quill Night Owls playing the Shady Grove stage at the OCF

Kit at it again.

Chelsea walking to the Country fair

Simon came down and spent a day with us at the oregon country fair! Drinking Ninkasi Maiden in the Shade!

This is what the setting of the fair looks like x 1000

Did we mention this is about a quarter mile from where we are living...

Stay tuned for a new blog...we have pictures from the oregon brew fest, our hike up cone peak, and much much more!!!!!!!