Monday, December 28, 2009

well hello again.

so, still no picture function available but yall are lucky i have the copy/paste shit down so i can at least copy a *u* because a ton of the keys still dont work. including the apostrophes and parentheses so thats why i dont have any, i really do know where they go, i like grammar and aint stupid (most of the time anyway).

so christmas is over! new years is next! my parents get here wednesday afternoon and we are going to take a few days off of the farm to hang out! we are VERY excited. gary and cindy! i am assuming there will be lots of wine and booze and beaches and lounging and i am looking forward to it.

today was just another monday on the farm. SLOW. mondays are typically compost days and today was no exception. first joe, jared and i flipped one of the compost piles in lehua. the pile is totally ready, it IS compost. usually when we flip them they are still kind of smelly and wet and there are tons of big sticks, chunks of crap and bugs. this one was basically dirt (GOOD dirt!). easy to flip (flipping consists of moving the pile from one spot to the spot directly next to it...putting the top on the bottom...etc. self-explanatory). THEN we got to build a new pile. it was a good one, almost six feet tall!! hopefully it will be a good one. we were a little disappointed today because the first pile we were going to flip was not good, it was just a pile of shit still (and woodchips). it was the pile jared, sarah, joe and i made our first week here. beginners. we concluded we did not have enough nitrogen (green leafy stuff) in the pile. too much carbon. oh time.

well...thats about all that happened today. OH maybe not. joe and i also went around and harvested a shitload of avocados and clementines, a few passionfruits (they are almost done for the season and i want to put a sad smiley face here but the colon key doesnt work either, great) and other unknown oranges, and ONE starfruit (because a neighbor keeps taking them all, bastard we are gonna get him, maybe steal them back while he is at yoga).

it was fun. we have a new guy here, his name is david. and a girl that came almost three weeks ago, lala, and they are both doing the FARM challenge. only eat stuff from the farm. it is so easy here, we just get lazy of course. anyway, their enthusiasm for the challenge has made me realize how fricken lucky we are to have all of these vegetables and fruits all around us. there are seriously a hundred avocados in the tree right outside one of the gardens. how much are those back at the coop now? hmmmmmm? exactly, not free. this place is amazing. we are in a tropical paradise overlooking the green hills of maui, the ocean and a 300 ft waterfall. SPOILED!

since i havent figured out how to get pictures back on here, i fired up my old webshots account that surprisingly still exists! NO WAY. havent used it in like four plus years. here it is...ill start posting pics here! love everyone and MERRY christmas (late!)


Monday, December 21, 2009

works? doesnt work? who knows.

so, i have been having technical difficlties lately. one being my keys are starting to not work (the u being one of them, seven key, apostrophe key, eqals key, mins key...etc) it is very frstrating. maybe its ants? i saw ants crawling out of my computer a couple times, assholes. if it was, they have no idea the damage they have caused. AHHHHH. anyway, besides that severe issue. my internet doesnt work correctly. most of the pages i open crash. i got this one open by putting some /html after the link and sometimes it works. it took about 2 hours to figure that one out. still cant post pictues though. BuMMER.

so, that is why we havent posted in so long! computers suck! we are going to call joes trusty brother michael and he will solve everything because he is a genius (right mike?).

all in all, the farms still good, having fun, nice weather (way nicer than mn, ha!) and its almost christmas!!!!!!!! yay!!!!

tons of pictures to come!

love, chels and joe