Saturday, October 10, 2009

hiking day.........

hello everyone. today we hiked a shitload. well it seemed like it anyway. we hiked down to the top of the waterfall (doesn't make sense, i know, but it is down) and across the little stream to the neighbors property (where waylon and kaycie stayed on their honeymoon!) and took their trail down to the ocean. it was VERY steep. crazy. we weren't excited for the hike back up. when we got to the ocean view it was AMAZING. so we swam, saw a sea turtled and others fished. cornelius, one of the wwoofers, from germany, spear-fished with some random fisherman. kaylie, another wwoofer, from oregon, used a fishing pole the fisherman found at the bottom of the ocean. she didn't catch anything but claimed she had bites. so, after getting sunburned and really hot, we decided to hike into the valley to see the bottom of the waterfall. it took us awhile to hike up the entire stream but it was worth it! we were in a GIANT green valley the entire time. it was a jungly grand canyon (maybe not that big but it seemed like it). will see the pictures. it was beautiful. then we hiked out and i barely made it all the way back to our farm. weak. now we are exhausted and going in the hot tub.
cornelius and joe, the TOP of the waterfall...this is on our farm's property
view on the hike down.

the hike down...
kaylie, cornelius and joe
look at how blue that is!!!
joe, pondering life
kaylie, trying to catch fish
me, wandering off
where we swam, you can see the two fisherman on the rocks! so small.

the hike down...

the waterfall

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  1. Do you two realize that the more time that goes on with you two in Maui and the rest of us in climates that are getting colder and colder, that the whole jealousy factor is just going to increase! Ha ha, just kidding, so glad to see that blue water again!