Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bad karma

Hello all. So, things went downhill the last couple of days. My computer got the 'black screen of death' also known as kernel panic or some stupid shit like that. Joe has his own problems-phytophotodermatitis! From fricken parsley. Watch for that parsley. I blame this bad luck on myself. Bad karma. Last week I was running to the kitchen because it was raining and I accidentally squashed a toad. It was horrible. I still feel bad about it. I buried it with a hibiscus tombstone. So...don't step on frogs or u will get phytophotodermatitis and your computer will die.
Besides that we are good!! Hopefully update soon...no pics though so it's not worth looking at the blog anymore I suppose. Ha. We will try to fix it asap after apple steals all my life savings!

Mahalo, chelsea and joey
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  1. So sorry, Chelsea and Joe! That frog can't be too mad- you gave it a burial. That's way more than most frogs get, right? Hope things perk up soon. You know we'll be reading even without pictures!

  2. Hi Chels and Joe! Did you get your laptop going? I saw Joe's picture and thought maybe??? The toad is in a better place, right????

  3. I bet that toad didn't even see what was coming. I know how that feels though...Corey and I ran over a cat once and we just felt terrible. However, my computer still worked after?? Find any tech support in Paia?