Sunday, February 28, 2010


Saturday morning started out with phone calls from nervous mothers beginning at 5:30. After hearing of the earthquake in Chile, and the threat of a tsunami coming our way we couldn't really go back to sleep. It's not everyday that you hear a tsunami is coming! We spent the morning reading up on when the tsunami was coming, and how big it might be.


All was calm and beautiful when we went outside in the early morning.

Starting at around 8am little dinky planes flew around the coasts with sirens warning people to get away from the coasts and get to higher ground. Many of the lower lying roads were shut down, and people on the west side had to move to higher ground if they were below the fourth floor. It seemed like this was going to be a hell of a tsunami with all of the precautions that were made. Knowing this everyone was really excited for the chance to see the waves come in. At the farm we are at about 500 ft elevation, and over a half mile away from the ocean. So really safe, and a perfect viewing spot!


You can see how stressed out we all are at our "tsunami party" on the deck.


Waiting for the big one!

After gazing out to sea for over two hours we all gave up, and realized the tsunami was a no show. We all were a little dissapointed that there wasn't even any big waves, but overall thankful that nothing serious happened.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pictures from around the farm

Were bringing blogs back! Yeah! Okay, we don't want to overload you with blogs all of a sudden, but we are so excited that we figured out how to work this thing again.

This post is going to excite all of you foodies and gardening nuts. Here are some photos from a day in the life of a wwoofer at Hale Akua Garden Farm.


Beets! Mississippi Market represent


Big beautiful beets!


We sell Turmeric locally, and also to Rainbow Grocery coop in San Francisco


Chard grown in joe's garden, lehua



Beets and fennel


Lovely Grace garden


Ginger drying in the seedling room


Joe has harvested hundreds of pounds of Ginger!


Biochar demonstration at the Ma'a Conference.


This is the view we wake up to every morning from our room!


This is our swimming hole which sits on top of a 200 foot waterfall!


Vegan chocolates from friends back in MN!


The parents!


the rejects :(

Nearing the end

With only two weeks left on the farm I put myself up pretty bad. Now we know are sickles are sharp after one sliced clear to the bone on my ankle.


Chels has been taking good care of me!


Last weekend we spent a few days with the newlyweds on their honeymoon. We started with a tour of the farm, followed by a hike through a bamboo forest, and then we went to a barefoot bar on the westside for happyhour. The next day we went snorkeling at a few great spots south of Makena. Mahalo Tamma and Fitz for the great weekend.


Fitz admiring the view from the condo.

Below are a few pictures of our most recent trip to Kipahulu.



Chelsea and Lala on our hike to Waimoku Falls in Kipahulu


One of the places we camped in Kipahulu, "coconut grove"



Waking up and watching the sunrise in paradise


Playing around in the amazing banyan trees


Now that I finally found out how to upload pictures from my damn iPod hopefully we can catch you all up on some of our past journeys.
joe and chelsea