Thursday, May 27, 2010

to the west we go...

so, we are on the move again. sorry to whomever we did not get to see or did not get to see enough of. okay, that is enough midwestern apologizing for basically doing nothing because we are in the transition to becoming westcoasters. we do not really know what that means yet, but we do know it means not midwestern. not that we do not like the midwest. it will always be our home.

so we made it to eugene! and it is fricken freezing here and raining everyday, all day. what the hell. we thought we came late enough to skip this shit but apparently not. the new farm we are at is awesome. they say it is the slowest spring they have experienced in over thirty years. crazy. at least we can ease into the farm life. we already got a day off! wahoooo! (i am excited about it, joe is so-so). we have basically covered in mud head to toe so far every day. but we got cute rain outfits to wear so we stay semi-unmuddy once we de-raingear. the farm is massive. rows and rows, and LONG rows. the setting is absolutely gorgeous. everything is so green here from all the damn rain. there are hills surrounding us at the farm. and giant fir trees. and mud. we will get some farm pictures soon. if anyone cares. yesterday we planted shit loads of squash. we have also been doing a lot with the strawberries...weeding them, harvesting them, eating them. yum!! they are so good.

the pictures are from our trip out here. we stopped in the badlands, buffalo bill state park, devils tower, yellowstone, and the grand tetons. it was amazing. i did not have too many cows going through all the mountains although i am sure joe would say otherwise. the old subaru did pretty well too!

we moved in with my cousins and it working out great so far (for us anyway!). the house is beautiful and we have a huge space upstairs!

that is all for now...possibly/hopefully update soon.

chels and joe

buffalo chillin on the side of the street in mammoth hot springs in yellowstone.

HuGE waterfall near canyon village in yellowstone.

joe scoping out wildlife in yellowstone.

bikeys (joe said it) and buffalo bill state park.

devils tower. huge.

the essentials for road trip camping. an IPA, nutritional yeast and a jaw harp.


joe and the badlands.

the packed-ass car.

the grand tetons.

more grand tetons. amazing.

joe told me to get fire wood, so i did. or tried anyway.

joe cookin dinner for me. attracting GRIZZLY BEARS.

once we got to oregon, this is what we saw. SNOW????!!!!!!!!!!