Monday, January 11, 2010

Crazy new fruits!

Hello family and friends! Since chels has been doing the posts as of lately, I decided maybe I should do one too. What could I talk about? Oh, I know, all of the amazing fruits we have been eating here! 

Okay, here is a list of fruits we have been devouring.

Coconuts: around these parts people call me "coconut Joe", and even "coco-dill-nuts". Fresh coconuts are probably the most delicious things on planet earth! I usually try to eat one a day. I have recently started making coconut hashbrowns. I have gotten pretty good at handling a machete!

Lilikoi: otherwise known as passionfruit. Please see our good friend cheezle's blog post about the three kinds we have.

Ice cream banana: large slight vanilla tasting banana. Mana foods in paia have these

Apple bananas: These are what we have on the farm, hundreds of them. They are oh so delicious and have been the base of so many delicious banana breads and muffins

Cuban bananas: naturally, these babies are red. we only have one tree on the farm. Good flavor, same size as apple bananas. 
Rombutans: spikey little ufo lychees! Pretty tasty! Wikipedia these guys

Atemoya: cross between a sweetsop and a cherimoya. 

Longan: another type of lychee. Really good taste and grape/ eyeball texture.

Cherimoya: our new favorite! Cut it in half and spoon it right out, or blend it up and put in the freezer for a half hour! Yum! The outside of the fruit has a strange resemblance to reptile leather. Rumor has it these are good after taking mushrooms 
Cactus fruit: or prickly pear. Interesting taste

Malabar chestnut: We have a couple trees on the property.

Persimmons: Oh my! These buggers are awesome! I like them when they are still a little hard 

Ice cream bean: What a treat these are! Long pods containing 4 to 10 black seeds inside. The vanilla tasting fruit surrounds the seeds and it is so delectable!

Durian: lala bought two at Mana Foods that she shared with us. They were about ten dollars each. Really rich, and full of flavor. Extremely ripe smell.
Guava: These are seriously everywhere. Nobody eats them because there are so many and they are not that great compared to all of the other fruits.

Strawberry guava: These guavas are awesome! They are small in size and red. Like guavas though, there are a lot of trees

Avocados: !!!! Everywhere! We have arouns three varieties on the farm. The normal small ones we get at the co-op in Mn, and bigger more buttery ones that turn purple when they are ripe. There is also a variety that is as big as your head. 

Tangelo: we have a couple trees on the property, they are best used for fresh squeezed orange juice in my opinion.

Tangerines: we have a tree that is going off right now. They are so good, they make great snacks. I take these with on weekend adventures.

Starfruit: when green tastes like green apple. Also good with trader vics rum!

Breadfruit: lala has prepared this a few different ways now. They are really tasty when they get overripe, and you can make a custard out of them.

Papaya: two kinds on our property. 

Mangoes: local and delicious. The trees are all just starting to flower again!

Eggfruit: another wierdo fruit. Orange skin and flesh with a sweet taste and yolk texture. 

Also been eating fresh ginger, tumeric, and sugarcane from the garden!

I wish I could have posted some pics of all these great fruits, but please look them up yourself and see how beautiful they all are.

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  1. I do miss the pictures but enjoy the commentary. I can attest to the many fruits they have at their disposal. When Gary and I showed up chels and joe brought SO much fruit and so many avacodos! it was crazy! Thanks you two! We seriously had so many of those great bananas joe talks about. When we walked around the farm we could see so much of what we (here in MN) can't imagine! Oh well - needless to say everyone should try to get to the paradise these guys are living in! And Paia is the best!