Saturday, September 26, 2009


hello everyone. where did we leave off...wednesday? that day we hiked up spencer's butte which typically has a glorious view of eugene, but due to wild fires it was all smokey and we couldn't see shit. our butts are sore from the hike. weaklings. there was a huge ass slug, nasty. kinda cute.

after the hike we went to the morning glory cafe and had the best breakfast ever.

i got the three sister's: zucchini, grilled tempeh (the best i've had, ever), herbed potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli and a dill roll. with a huge glob of herbed tofu sour cream. holy shit.
joe got the famous biscuits and gravy with homemade soysage patties. jesus h christ it was good.
betty got the tofu scramble with mexi-cali tofu, herbed potatoes and vegetables. there was a mysterious herb we could not identify but it was delicious.

for dinner, we went out to veneta where my cousins live! they have a sweet farm set-up there. we wandered around the green house and gardens. then we had an amazing peanut curry sauce. YUM. with vegetables from the garden. and coconut bliss for dessert! YUM.

finn and ezra playin' around

joe tomato creeper creepin' between the tomato vines

on the way home we rescued leroy (my uncle, betty's husband) from his job truckin' across america. went home, had some beers.

thursday we lounged around and then headed to corvallis to check out gathering together farm. technically i guess it's in philomath but that's a stupid name for a town anyway. just kidding, in case anyone cares. we had lunch there and wandered around eating blackberries.
then we drove to oregon state university in corvallis with tasha and corey. talked with a professor there about beetle banks. exactly. when we got home, betty and leroy were waiting for us with the pho soup almost ready. yum. we sauteed up the best mushrooms we have ever had in our lives. seriously. maitakes. they were SO GOOD i never want another mushroom again (they are like a million dollars so i think we will be forced to eat others, damn)

joe and leroy discuss home brewing

maitake mushroom!!!!!!
friday we went to the wandering goat coffee company, to do this blog thingy. in the afternoon, we went for a walk by the river and then once again went back to the wandering goat cafe. then ate delicious burritos at the laughing planet. they were so good. chipotle blows. we got the che guevara which had sweet potatoes, black beans, plantains, pico de gallo...etc. they were amazing. we ate them before we got a picture. oops. we also went to the sweet life and got a raspberry chocolate silk pie (just a piece, not the whole thing, this time) and ate that before we took a picture too. oops again.

then we went to check out the chimney swifts! they are these crazy birds that stop by eugene (and portland i guess) and sleep in chimneys on their way down to mexico? or somewhere south. they funnel in and somehow all fit in that little chimney. ridiculous. poop was raining everywhere. joe got some on his knee. it was worth it. after the show, stacy and josh picked up some wine and we went to tasha's coolass apartment. it's the best apartment in eugene. she has the awesomest decor it would take me 500 years to make my apartment that cool. she got me a sweet robe that you will all be jealous of once i get a picture of it. in hawaii. thanks tasha!

a swift vortex

observers. way more exciting than fireworks.

today we biked to the saturday market with betty! no pictures, but we can assure you it was fun. crazy hippies everywhere. tons of cool stuff to buy. we restrained ourselves and didn't buy anything! just bread. seeded sourdough.

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  1. Chelsea and Joe, I adore your blog! Keep posting words and pictures of your adventures. Chelsea, I miss you so much already at the co-op, I know everyone does. I'm sorry I missed out on moonshine with your family.