Sunday, September 20, 2009

the adventure begins...

after some breakfast potatoes at perkins (woohoo!), some frisking from the airport security, and a shitload of sweet tarts, we finally made it here, to portland (yesterday). waylon and kaycie found us on a bench, and we headed to a microbrewery, hopworks, for its first annual biketoberfest! crap loads of bikes, lots of hops, no jalapeno beer (which was advertised in our inflight magazine, LIARS!), and crazily dressed dancing bike girls with ribbon dancers.
don't you wish you had one of these??

All hopped up, we met my other cousin Tasha and made our way to an equinox party. the party consisted of the coolest treehouse ever made, two bonfires, outrageous plants/landscaping and fire dancers. what more could you ask for?

fire dancers at the equinox party

today was a portland exploration day. we hit up the belmont neighborhood and ate at the paradox cafe. joe got paradox benedict (vegan of course, with awesome hollandaise sauce) and i got the special--scramble with tofu, asparagus, kale, potatoes, onions, artichoke hearts..etc. it was delicious. YUM. then we headed to the top of mt tabor to see an awesome view of portland. the alberta neighborhood was next where we went to townshend's tea house. there were millions of teas to choose from, even a wall of samples to smell. (crystal, you would have passed out, there were so many damn teas) crazy. joe got the traditional kava tea with soymilk and agave and i got the matejuana. a mixture of yerba mate and kava. this was the real stuff, not the crap ground up and thrown in a bag (sorry yogi, we are so over you). this is the instant tongue-numbing shit. we felt the effects immediately. whoa. we are trying to prepare ourselves for the real thing in maui. there were a lot of cool art coops in the neighborhood and we took a gander. we stopped by the rhododendron gardens and reed college before stopping to eat at the queen of sheba. ethiopian feast!

look at all those teas, yum


what the hell is going on here?

we need more of this in the twin cities

and this...

krista and erick

our feast of ethiopian food



last time you'll see these babies thanks to tori, liz and patrick THANKS!

that's about it for the last couple days. we also learned our new favorite word. asinine. it means extremely stupid or foolish. what better word could there be. it can also be asininity or asininely. is that one in your GRE words karen?

chelsea (typing) and joe (observing)


  1. Joe and Chelsea! I love the blog!
    Ok, my Dad would be very proud of you...asinine was a word he used, and I do too! :)
    Hope all is well, your blog site looks great. What happened to dirty knees? or ham knees?

  2. Yay! So glad you are documenting your adventures! Asinine is a great word because it sounds so dirty, but isn't.

    Have fun!

  3. this is perfect, chelsea. i can hear your voice in your writing and it made me laugh like 4 times. and no, asinine wasn't one of the words...but i took the test last monday and now it's over so i refuse to learn any more words EVER. :) can't wait to read the next entry and see more pictures!

  4. Love the blog guys! Keep it up I want to see mad pictures of hippies, exotic fruits and beautiful sights (not neccesarily in that order) over the next few months. I know it is perfectly assinine but I would really, really enjoy living vocariously through you guys a bit on this one...


  5. I love your blog. That first photo of raw garden vegetables is so beautiful. I better find some Spanish beets quick. Keep the updates coming and I'll do the same, probably via email. Unfortunately I don't have a digital camera at the moment, so my visuals will be limited. A test for the written word. I found out tonight that I get to move into my dream apartment after all. I'm so excited - it's probably the coolest apartment I'll ever live in. Talk to you soon!

  6. Sweet blog C & J. Portland won't be the same without you. I look forward to seeing how life is on Maui! Peas, Waylon

  7. Chels and Joe - Love the site! You take the best photos and the editorials are great! I too believe that asinine is one of the better words in the English language – a few better but those words probably can’t be posted! Chels you looked pretty wiped out after the sand dune climb! get ready for the crater in Maui!

    First time posting a comment.... hope it works! that's what you get when the person posting older than dirt!