Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mushroom Mushroom!

Hello all! Our last day at Winter Green is on Guy Fawkes day this week. So once again we will be unemployed. woo hoo! We might push the Oregon unemployment rate up over 11% We are sad and excited to be done. It gets to be a long season and a break is definitely needed during the winter. We have super exciting news....We are moving up to PORTLAND in December! Stumptown! Beertown! Beervana! City of Roses! Bridgetown! Little Beirut! PDX! P-Town! Rip City!(we have know idea what this one means) Hooray!

Okay. we have shitloads of pictures to share with you!

Leroy and I brewed up a batch of cascadian dark ale last weekend! It is going to be soooo good! we hope so at least. tucking it in for the night to ferment away. go yeast go!

Our pumpkins! we almost had a pumpkin overload on halloween! carving pumpkins, making pumpkin curry, drinking pumpkin beer, roasting pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin pie for dessert. we once heard a story about people who ate so many squash they turned yellow... ???

Okay now were going to bore the hell out of you with some super dorky awesome mushroomy mushroom pictures. We went to the Mt. Pisgah mushroom festival on halloween. It was really quite a spectacular event. So many mushrooms!

pink coral monster

fried chicken

smoothy red tree mushroom

playful mushrooms

purple shrivelosis

old yeller

the happiest of mushrooms couldn't make it

giant mossman mushroom

little orange duders

green machine

best in show poisonous redman

more, more, more


I made a pumpkin pie from a pumpkin on the farm, yum!

Natasha and I had a serious bread making day!

Love joe and Chels

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