Saturday, March 20, 2010

jobless, homeless and poor.

yup, that is what we are now. we are done at the farm. over. although, we have already been over there three times in the last 2 days because we are lost. pretty soon they will probably get sick of us and put up some kapu signs (no trespassing). maybe not, we are pretty cool to hang out with.

so, right now, our lovely friends sarah and jared were so kind to let us stay at their jungalow down the street! we are so lucky!! we are out of the rain too, in a mini jungalow thing. it has been pouring ALL MORNING and afternoon. it never stops. winter has official arrived even though it is the first day of spring. it is even cold. like 64 degrees.

the dietels just left the island (minus joe of course). we had a GREAT time. stayed at mamas fish house and in napili on the west side. mamas fish house was the party place. we had jens birthday party and kevons retirement bash with lots of splash (pineapple and passionfruit wine, Yum)! the beach was beautiful. the waves on the north shore are huge. there were a few rainy days here and there. then we went to the other side of the island--hot, sunny and touristy. we got to lounge around on the beach for three whole days. drinking martinis the neighbors gave us (the wife gave us all of her husbands booze because he gets too crazy she said). relaxing and reading. it was great. it all went by so fast! and then they were gone.

we had so much fun, joe and i are in family vacation withdrawl. we feel lost. and we realized we have no job. no home and very little money. damn. the end is near. tomorrow we get the car though...freedom!!! we get to roll around the island in an old car with $4/gal gas prices. scarrrrrrrry.

anyway, just thought we would do a little update thingy. we leave in less than three weeks. But, we have friends coming this thursday which we are VERY EXCITED about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! krista and e franklin!!

monk seal on hamoa beach! what a coincidence.

whale! we went on a whale watch with the family and saw billion and trillions of whales.

water cave at waianapanapa state park

joe and his brother pondering life together at black sands beach at waianapanapa state park in hana

joe and his mother playing yahtzee. do not really know what susan is doing with her lei, but whatever.

joe with his last banana harvest at the farm

waterfall time. we did a group farm trip to kipahulu and saw wailua falls.

green onions from the last harvest. yum.

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