Monday, December 21, 2009

works? doesnt work? who knows.

so, i have been having technical difficlties lately. one being my keys are starting to not work (the u being one of them, seven key, apostrophe key, eqals key, mins key...etc) it is very frstrating. maybe its ants? i saw ants crawling out of my computer a couple times, assholes. if it was, they have no idea the damage they have caused. AHHHHH. anyway, besides that severe issue. my internet doesnt work correctly. most of the pages i open crash. i got this one open by putting some /html after the link and sometimes it works. it took about 2 hours to figure that one out. still cant post pictues though. BuMMER.

so, that is why we havent posted in so long! computers suck! we are going to call joes trusty brother michael and he will solve everything because he is a genius (right mike?).

all in all, the farms still good, having fun, nice weather (way nicer than mn, ha!) and its almost christmas!!!!!!!! yay!!!!

tons of pictures to come!

love, chels and joe

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