Monday, November 2, 2009


soooooooooooo. last friday we went into town (paia) and a bunch of us ate at flatbread. it is a cool pizza place with a stone oven and good beer...etc. they also buy some of our produce from the farm...including the carrots that joe had harvested and cleaned THAT morning. it was pretty cool...eating it hours later. anyway...we got the awesome organic salad and the vegan pizzzza yum.

saturday was halloween...joe was a pirate and i was supposed to be his parrot, but i looked ridiculous. a smurf/clown maybe. the plan was to go to lahaina where there is usually a crazy halloween bash. wasted people everywhere, craziness. i wasn't that excited, kind of scared, as usual. people told us it has been lame the last two years because they are crackin down on the craziness. we hitched there and yes, there were a bunch of wasted people there. we were being corralled down the sidewalks by people and police. then we went into a bar and it was like spring break halloween maui. we weren't feeling it. so we left the group we were in (they had tons of fun) and hitched back to paia where it was hoppin! there was a drum circle, dancing, coolness everywhere. it was our style halloween. shoulda stayed in town!! all in all, we got to sleep in our tent instead of a random beach/alley which we had planned on. good halloween! warmer than yours! HA.

anyway...sunday we first stopped at twin falls (which is the last photo...) and then we went to a neighboring farm and got a little tour and then went swimming in the waterfall pools they have close to the property!! it was awesome. joe said it was a waterfall amusement park. there are the princess pools (which aren't very swim-worthy more for wading), then higher up is the queen's pool which was awesome, and then the KING'S POOL which was incredible joe says and it has a swing to jump in the water with...i guess it was amazing (sarah and i didn't go to the king's pool because it was late in the afternoon and there were 800 billion mosquitoes). it is our new favorite hangout. there were also coffee plants on the farm tour! we don't have coffee on our farm :(


  1. Great costumes - Chelsea you look very much like a parrot. Seems funny that you were glad to be back in your tent... funny how "home" can change! but I understand not wanting to sleep on the beach! great photos! good luck with those 800 billion mosquitoes!!!

  2. Love the crazy costumes! Those waterfall pools look amazing- I was picturing boring pools filled with chlorine. These are WAY better!